Di Wang

Board Member
Field of expertise: Promoter activist of EU China relationships. One of the original promoters and planners of EU-China Trust.

Official background: The External Affairs Alliance of Chinese Yangtze River Delta was started and officially established as a joint project between the External Affairs Office of Wuhu City, district of Anhui, and the external affairs offices of 41 cities and more than 170 counties at Shanghai, Jiansu, Zhejian and Anhui provinces (inside the yangtze river delta strategic area of national integration). The members includes gubernamental offies of external affairs, foregin trade companies, universities, scientific research institutions, etc. A social non profit organisation: The External Affairs Alliance of Chinese Yangtze River Delta is not a gubernamental department, otherwise is a non profit organisation registered at the Civil Affairs Department. The Alliance regularly arranges conferences and forums at big scale to provide pairing services in order to achieve the purpose of an external affairs exchange, investment business cooperation and international exchanges. Is a platform that efficiently connects The Gubernamental External Affairs Office of the Yangtze River Delta city and foreign companies. The activities of the Allianze are financed through membership fees, company members sponsorships and social donations